Africa-China Dialogue Platform (ACDP)

Objectives, Focus Areas and Planned Activities of the Programme

The Africa-China Dialogue platform aimed to encourage and facilitate a constructive engagement and dialogue of citizens, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders on the growing partnership between Africa and China. We seek to generate knowledge in order to influence policies and practices that relate to the Africa–China partnership. In this regard, we are developing specific streams of work including policy research, knowledge generation, management and dissemination. The short term focus areas of the platform are agricultural cooperation, climate change, sustainable development goals (SDGs) and peace and security. The platform while looking at the continent in general, it will have a focus on countries from the five sub-regions that have the most Chinese involvement. Planned activities of the platform are:

  1. Producing policy based research, knowledge production, and documentation.
  2. Quarterly policy dialogue/seminar to promote informed debate and dialogue by leading practitioners, scholars and civil society actors on the various dimensions of Africa-China relationship. Subsequent report of the roundtable with detailed expert discussion, opinions and views on different aspects of Africa-China partnership will follow.

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  • Special events such as biennial Africa-China workshop on topical issues. The workshop will bring together regional, sub-regional, national stakeholders both from Africa and China side.
  1. Facilitation of exchange of ideas and knowledge among different stakeholders; showcasing best practices; understanding what works and what doesn’t work; assessing the progress the continent is making on Africa-China relationship.
  2. Media engagement and policy advocacy.
  3. Monthly Newsletter.

The platform had a successful launch and a day-long seminar in March 2016 on Africa-China partnership focusing on agriculture cooperation. Over 100 participants including ambassadors, representatives of governments, the African Union, UN and other international organisations, civil society and the media participated in the launch event following a day-long seminar on the Africa-China growing partnership. The Chinese Ambassador to the African Union, an Ethiopian Minister and an Ambassador representing the African Union were among the speakers.

To learn more about our platform please contact us on: AfricaChina@oxfaminternational.org